IDOC Inmate Search – Free Illinois State offender Locator

IDOC Inmate Search – Illinois State IDOC offender Locator it was Established in 1970, the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) is the code department of the Illinois state government that controls the adult state prison system. The agency is led by a director appointed by the Governor of Illinois and its headquarters are in Springfield. IDOC is originated with the mission to deliver justice in Illinois to improve public safety by demonstrating altered behavior in the offender, operating reentry programs and reducing persecution. It combines the state’s prisons, juvenile centers, and parole services. The official website of IDOC is where you can find the offender’s personal data and information.

What is IDOC Inmate Search?

IDOC is a safe and secure service offering humane correctional facilities. It assesses all offenders individually to develop an appropriate course of action based on their needs. IDOC Inmate Lookup is a service that provides offender’s information to the general public and private organizations, both non-state and governmental, by contacting the Department of Corrections. It is an online search portal that can locate an offender based on their personal demographics.

IDOC Inmate Search - idoc offender Lookup
IDOC Inmate Locator

How does IDOC Inmate Search work?

The IDOC Inmate Search is an easy-to-use offender search portal that can locate any Illinois based criminal with the help of their personal data and information. Precisely speaking, you can search for an offender simply by mentioning their last name, IDOC number, and Date of birth and IDOC inmate Locator will list down all the relevant offenders carrying similar data.

IDOC Inmate Search Here
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For instance, to search by the last name, you just need to type Smith, John or Smith or Smit. 
 To search by IDOC number, just type the no., e.g. K01234, and to search by birthdate, type, e.g. 04-01-1965, and the results will appear.  

I have personally tried doing the same and was amazed to see the results as the portal displayed all accurate details. I tried searching by the last name ‘Smith’ and found 888 results, out of which I randomly clicked upon a name. The portal displayed details of the offender including his photo, parent institution, status, and location. Along with these, I found his physical information which includes, date of birth, weight, height, sex, hair color, race, and eye color.

IDOC inmate search every minute details of the offender. This comprises of marks, scars, and tattoos.

Besides, the offender’s admission date, release date, and discharge info could also be found. The portal also displays the entire sentencing information of the offender to extend your knowledge about the person and for what offense he’s been detained. You can even filter your search results and print out the details displayed on the screen.

The IDOC Inmate Locator portal also allows you to opt for notifications pertaining to the changes done on any offender’s information you are interested to learn about. This will help you stay updated about the offender’s status.

How is IDOC Inmate Locator helpful?

The IDOC inmate searches portal not only helps you find information about the offender, but it also helps government officials and family persons learn about the position of the criminal. For instance, if an offender is absconding or missing, their details can be found through the portal which will help officials track him/her. Their accurate location might be missing but by means of their physical information, they will be expectedly found. For family persons, through this portal, members can monitor the status of the offender who is detained for a long time.

The IDOC inmates search portal provides total accuracy of the offender’s status. Since the Illinois Government officials are constantly tracking the offenders, every single detail periodically updated.

What if an Offender is not found?

The IDOC Offender search portal usually displays the maximum number of Illinois based offenders. But what if the offender you are searching for is missing or not found? An inmate may not be found for several reasons:

  • The Offender may be confined under a different name.
  • The person may be discharged.
  • The person may be in a county jail anticipating trial or sentencing.
  • The person may be in different state prison.

Besides all these, inmates cannot be found if you enter the name with spell mistake. If a partial last name is entered, any Offender whose name matches the portion given will be listed, i.e. Jam would match both James and Jameson.

What is an IDOC number? How to Lookup Inmate with it

The IDOC number is a unique prisoner number assigned by the department of corrections. It is considered as the offender’s distinctive number which is assigned to every inmate.

The Illinois Department of Corrections inmate Locator will only display prisoners who are part of the state prison system, which records people who have been sentenced to state crimes. If you search for someone who committed a federal crime and is being held in a federal prison in Illinois, you will have to use the federal Offender finder to locate that prisoner. And if you are unable to find an inmates through the website, you need to call the Illinois Department of Corrections directly at +1217-558-2200, because at times the information is not entered into the database if a person has not yet been processed through the system or if there is an inaccuracy in entering the person’s information. You might not be able to trace anything online about people who are present at an Illinois county jail anticipating their trial or sentence, as Illinois does not put people into the public record database until after they have been condemned.

Each state has a different policy pertaining to eradicating state prisoners from their database. In Illinois, once a person has served his sentence, his/her information will be pulled out of the database. However, sometimes the information remains in the database even after someone has been released from prison because the person is out on parole or probation. Officially, an Offender is still part of the corrections system until the entire sentence is served. If a sentence includes parole, probation, community service, etc., then the person’s data will remain listed on the Illinois convict finder portal even after they are no longer an inmate.

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