Palm Beach Booking Blotter – PBSO Sheriff’s office Search

Palm Beach Booking Blotter: (PBSO) The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office maintains an online booking blotter (Inmates, Mugshots) for all those people who are arrested by the county sheriff’s office. The police booking blotter is generally a book that contains records and other details of the arrested person. They also include any events that occur at the enforcement office as and when they occur. This blotter is available for free to the public and they can check for or all those who have been arrested and in the custody of the sheriff’s office using this online booking blotter.

Palm Beach Booking Blotter - PBSO
Palm Beach Booking Blotter – PBSO Sheriff’s office Search

Palm Beach Booking Blotter (PBSO)

The Blotter contains several pieces of information relating to the arrested individual such as their name, photograph for identification, date of birth, home address, booking date, time, arresting authority and other relevant information that can be used to ascertain the identity of the arrested person. Most importantly, they contain the details of the exact offense that the arrested person has committed. You can visit the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Booking Blotter by clicking on

Palm Beach Booking Blotter Here
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PBSO Means ” Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office “

How to Search the Sheriff’s booking blotter palm beach?

In order to search for records from the booking blotter maintained by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office you will need to follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office by clicking here.
  • This will open a window that will contain a form that you can use to search for the various booking records.
  • Firstly, select the “start date” and “end date” during which the arrest was made by the relevant law enforcement authority.
  • After you select the period, then click on the arresting agency. If you do not know the arresting agency, you can choose the “All Agencies” option.
  • Then ascertain that you are not a robot by verifying the captcha given on the page.
  • Once you have verified, then click on the “Process Search” button.
  • Then a new window will appear where it will show you all the relevant people who have been arrested during the period you have mentioned

Alternatively, there are several sites that contain links to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Blotter records. You can also use the search option given on the sites to search for the arrested people’s details.

Who can make use of PBSO booking blotter?

The pbso booking blotter which is made available online for free by the various law enforcement departments can be very useful for several people. Their uses are enlisted below:

  1. These pbso booking blotters are a good source of information for the relatives and friends of people who are arrested by the police officers. They can know the exact reason why the concerned person was arrested by the police and other details related to their arrest from the booking blotter.
  2. This blotter information can also be used by journalists who are working on newspaper pieces in relation to the offenses committed by the concerned person.
  3. They can also be used by private investigators or probationary officers, who want to know whether or not the people they are keeping a track of; have been recently arrested by the police and the reason for their arrest.
  4. Even lawyers can use the information in the blotters to find new potential clients and help them with their lawsuits.

Is it mandatory to make booking blotters available online?

It is not mandatory for the police department to maintain the online records of arrested persons and make it available for free to the public. In spite of this law enforcement departments all across the United States maintain these records as a public service and not as a compulsion.

Official website for palm beach county sheriff’s office – booking blotter is Go to that website and Search who was Booked Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office

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